Empty Nesters Take Flight

It’s time.

The kids have finally left. Now is the time to add the latest tech, toys and gadgets to your space and venture off to far away places that used to live in your dreams.
The big question now is, how do you pay for your seemingly never ending “wish list”?
What if your space could be used to pay for your new lifestyle while you’re away exploring new destinations?
What if your space was so cool, it would even allow you to charge a premium? Tour the “Empty Nesters Take Flight” attraction at HomeFest and see how you can modify your space for maximum appeal in today’s shareable economy. Get hands on with the latest tech and home automation and say “WOW, I want that” to a few things that we know will make your home’s wish list.

Thinking about renting your space out?
Use promo code HOMEFEST18 when you sign up at Join.booking.com/offers to list your property and receive five commission-free bookings. Eligible for properties within Canada

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