Love It…Or Lose It?

When two lives merge under one roof, a lot of baggage from the past moves in too.

Tension is running high so, get ready to bring out your ‘Interior Decorator Extraordinaire’ and help a couple decide what should stay and what should go. Don’t dodge this dilemma ‘cause your input is critical!

One partner wants that trusty, musty old futon that survived all those late-night study sessions to stay. While the other says to dump it to make room for their well-worn 60’s inspired coffee table. By helping them compromise, you’ll learn how to re-arrange your own space and see how donating items can help others.

Be wary of your decisions, because this couple’s success hinges on what you say they should love… or lose.

Fifteen minute Design Intervention design consultations will also be provided by Reno & Decor Magazine.

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